Asset Management

At Aban as an independent firm, we offer personalized investment solutions as well as different kinds of mutual funds to meet the needs of our clients.
To achieve the best possible investment performance, we have a specialized investment team operating under disciplined oversight. By employing best tools, right information and best people and solely focus on Iran Capital Market we constantly strive to be a reliable local partner and support investors at every stage of their investment.


Portfolio Management

We offer an active portfolio management service based on your risk tolerance, your financial objectives and constraints specified by you. Our experienced investment management team along with our analysts in research department find the right portfolio mix, review and rebalance it to maintain the investment objectives


Mutual Funds

For more than two decades Aban has been committed to serve its clients by offering a different set of customized services and products. In line with the stated strategy and to fulfill each investor’s unique financial goals, we have established different kinds of mutual funds which each investor could choose among them based on their financial objectives and risk appetite.