Foreign Investment Process in Securities Exchanges

To invest in Iran’s securities exchanges (TSE & IFB), foreign investors both natural and legal persons should follow the following steps:
1- Submitting identification documents,
2- Signing investment intention letter,
3- Filling out trading license application form,
4- Opening a trading account with Aban Securities,
5- Opening a bank account at one of the Iranian banks.
At Aban we obtain your trading license from SEO within 7 days.

Required Identification Documents:
1- Natural persons :
Iranians in possession of foreign-originated capital: Original and copy of the birth certificate or passport or ID cards.
Foreign persons: Original and copy of the passport.
2- Legal persons:
Original and copy of the constitution/articles of association or documents of similar nature and documents proving the foundation of company and the scope of powers of the duly authorized signatories.

Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection

If the Foreign Investor would like to invest under the FIPPA (Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act), the Foreign Investor should fill out the specific application form for investment under the FIPPA Act along with the essential documents and submit it to OIETAI (Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran). Then, OIETAI will present the submitted application to its Foreign Investment Department for the precise consideration, and upon approval, the application will be submitted to the Iran Ministry of Economic & Finance for the final review and ultimately issuing the license. Having approved the submitted application, the License for the Foreign Investor will be issued by the said Ministry. The whole defined process shall not take more than 45 working days.

The Purchasing Process in Iran Mercantile Exchange & Iran Energy Exchange
Only foreign legal persons are allowed to purchase specified commodities in Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME). To do so, they should follow the following steps:

1-    Referring to Iran’s embassy and submitting the following documents:
•    Documents of business registration;
•    The official gazette demonstrating the latest changes and alterations in business;
•    Introducing authorized signatories;
•    Copies of birth certificates, national ID cards and passport of the authorized signatories and all board members and the CEO
•    Articles of association
2-    Filling out the following forms:
•    Trading code application form (Full address of the place of residence, including postcode and phone number of the customer and full address of the workplace)
•    Client information form
3-    Opening a bank account at one of the Iranian banks